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Conclusion of CAPITAL CAMPAIGN 2014-2016

Celebration for Paving "The Way" to New Possibilities

Now we can CELEBRATE
Join us on Sunday May 21st when we formally conclude our capital campaign and recognize all that we have accomplished!!
We will toast ourselves and our church and enjoy some refreshments at coffee hour after service.
All are invited.!!

We have conpleted our paving “The Way” into the future campaign.  
The annual budget covers our operating expenses.  However, we have projects that we have identified that go beyond the scope of our annual budget and need our attention now.   A successful Capital Campaign is allowing us to reach our goal.

The capital campaign is still in process.  The Steering Committee for the Capital Campaign has been working diligently to keep the congregation informed as to where we are in the process of this campaign.  THANK YOU TO CHRIS GANN FOR OUR MAGNIFICIENT POSTER.  We have been overwhelmed with the donations from some of our members to already fund some of our "wishes" from the listening sessions. We now have the beautiful Baby Grand Piano and the Chair Lift to the balcony.

The projects have been identified for our capital campaign money.  The Brochure is available for viewing on the website.  We are collecting the pledges that were made and work is under way.  The Steeple repair is completed!!! No more leaks.  The Security system is installed and operating. Portico REDO is completed thanks to an additional grant from the Connecticut Historical Preservation Society, which generously gave ECC $15,000 towards this project.  Your committee continues to pursue all avenues!!!

Steeple Repair    COMPLETED SUMMER OF 2014                                                    

Repair Portico Floor  COMPLETED JANUARY 2015                        

Painting Exterior of Sanctuary  COMPLETED AUGUST OF 2016                            

Painting of Interior Ceiling in balcony    COMPLETED MARCH 2015                 

Lighting under balcony     COMPLETED                                       

Refurbishing some bells DONE

Handicap Unisex Bathroom         COMPLETED AUGUST 2015                          

Security System       COMPLETED                              

Commercial refrigerator/freezer   COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATO PURCHASED IN JANUARY 2017  FREEZER PURCHASED FEBRUARY   2017                     

Multimedia classroom/curriculum       PURCHASED 50" FLAT SCREEN TV FOR MEETING ROOM.                   

Wireless WiFi                IN PLACE                                         


Mission including Loaves and Fishes, Enfield Food Shelf, Habitat for Humanity, Our Church's Wider Mission  FIRST PAYMENTS DELIVERED TO EACH MISSION -MARCH 2015, SECOND PAYMENT IN jANUARY 2017

The cost ot complete all of these projects is approximatlely $200,000. WE HAVE AT THIS TIME, PLEDGES OF 167,000 FROM OUR CONGREGATION!  IN ADDITION THE $25,000 GRANT FROM THE CT HISTORICAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY.

Isn't it an exciting tIme to see what we can accomplish together!!


Sue Pearson-Chairperson

Patsy Bjorling MDiv.-Conference Consultant

Rev. Kathy Faber

Carolyn Petersen

Kevin Mayo

Russ Meyer

Sharon Midyette


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