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We provide free child care through pre-K in addition to our Sunday School

Bring your child to the nursery and be assured they are receiving the best care.
Enjoy the Church service and come to coffee hour

ECC response to Hurricane Harvey

ECC Response to Hurricane Harvey

Our focus is on working with the UCC, who work through Church World Service "cwsglobal.org" in providing short-term and long-term assistance to those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

We are doing this in two ways:

We invite you to: support the UCC “Emergency USA Fund.” For Hurricane Harvey
by writing a check to ECC, we will send one check to the UCC in a few weeks.
Provide an emergency cleanup bucket and bring it in on one of the 3 upcoming Sundays. We will bring them to the CWS pickup point in Meriden.
Here is the list:

One five-gallon bucket with re-sealable lid (if bucket is used, clean it well but, do not use it if it has held chemicals of any kind.) Four scouring pads. Seven sponges, including one large. One scrub brush. Eighteen reusable cleaning towels (e.g. Easy Wipes). One 50 oz. or 2 25 oz. bottle(s) of liquid laundry detergent. One 16-28 oz. bottle of disinfectant dish soap. One 12-16 oz. bottle of household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray bottles). One package of 48-50 clothespins. Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft. Five dust masks. Two pairs non-surgical latex gloves. One pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather. 24-28 heavy duty or contractor type 30-45 gallon trash bags on a roll and removed from carton. One 6-9 oz. bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent.

go to www.cwsglobal.org to see their response to Hurricane Harvey

How to assemble the kits, go to: https://youtu.be/7UxIKgSZRWQ

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Learn of the historical items at ECC

19th century communion set, French Whale oil Chandelier, Pipe Organ Facade, Bell cast in 1830, Locally made Cello,
Rev. Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” at the peak of “The Great Awakening” in our second building (not present building).


Enfield Congregational Church
1295 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082
Phone: (860)745-3646
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